About Jesoy.

Hi guys!

I’m not good in blogging stuffs, I’m not good at writing, so I’m sorry if my blog is not as great as many people. Because, I’m just a beginner. Here, I just want to introduce myself.

My name is Jezzie. Jesoy is the acronym for Jezzie Asoy, which is created by me, because I often consider myself as an Asoy person. *ah crap. I live in Bandung and Jakarta, because I took college in SBM – Institut Teknologi Bandung, but my family still in Jakarta and almost for every weekend I go back to Jakarta.

Now, I’m in the last year of college. I have started thinking about my Final Assignment (skripsi), which until now I have no idea at all. Maybe, I need a lot of tutorial to guide me until I graduate from this college. Wish me luck, guys!

Btw, since April 2008 I’m not single anymore. I have a relationship with a wise and patient man, named Yusuf Kharisma Putra, which usually called as Ucup. He’s taking college in Unpad, Bandung. Love him so much.

Too much information, huh? hahaha. I think that’s enough. So, enjoy my amateur blog. hehe.


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