Creative Celebration for Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary

Heihoo. This afternoon, at 3 pm, I have to go to Jakarta until Sunday. Because I have to attend the celebration of my Granny’s Gold Anniversary on Sunday, and help my sister+mother organize it before the Day. We’re not using EO for this event. We’re totally organizing by ourself. From invitation, booking venue, event’s program, seating arrangement, decoration, cakes, souvenir, sound system and lighting, all of that we arrange together by helped from many parties. 

What creative in this event is we create a small musical drama which will be a surprise performance for my grandparent. It is perfomed by 18 performers, which are grandchildren and cousins, include me, with the range age from 6 until 26 years old. The story is about their life from their births, childhood, teenagers, until their married, with additional traditional dance and closing choreo, which will be shortened in 20 minutes. I will play as the mother of my grandfather (my great-grandmother). We have practiced for almost 2 months in every weekend. We’re using lip-sync in this drama, because there are many kids in this drama and hard to put them based on script without lip-sync.

Today, we will practice again in 6 pm. That’s why I have to go to Jakarta at 3 pm. Then tomorrow, we will rehearsal one day before the Day.

Okay, I will show you our pic in the next blog! byee!



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2 responses to “Creative Celebration for Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary

  1. Dily sia2 ya de kita ngebuat drama ini..ternyata banyak yg kangen untu erumpul lagih..hahhaha..lucu banget d menurut gw perjalanan drama inii..

  2. iyah un! emang hebat lo hehe, selamet ya bos, hehe

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