Creative Celebration for Grandparents’ 50th Anniversary (Part II)

As I explain in the previous blog about the same topic, now I want to tell you how the show is going. The show is not so bad, I mean is Good! for immature like us.

Before our performance, we fell out in a tighten condition. Because, before us, there is a band from UI’s Professor who played jazz music, that seems kind of “time-to-go-home” music. Some people come near to my grandparents to say goodbye. I almost cry when I realize there are already many empty seats. Fortunately, the stage manager cut the performance from Professor Band to let our team perform our drama. Fiuuh thanks God! And when I was on stage, I realize there are still many people left in their seats.

I’m glad to be part of my drama team. That makes us more known each other during rehearsal than before.

All the Cast and Crew of the 50th ES Anniversary Drama


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